Lunch Menus and Prices

May Lunch Menu 2011

June Lunch Menu 2011

Warren Elementary School
James Morris Elementary School
Goshen Center Elementary School

Lunch Meals & Prices

Meals include:  entrée (for example: Hamburger on a roll), ½ cup fruit, ½ cup vegetable, and 8 oz. milk.

Each day, five components are offered:  Grain, Protein, Vegetable, Fruit, and Milk

Meals-student  $2.25  Fruit Cup  $.50
Meals-Adult  $3.25 Apple (Local Farm) $.50
Extra Entree (student)  $1.00 Dessert (Baked Good)  $.50
Extra Entree (Adult) $1.50  Extra Milk  $.40 
SIDE ORDER:    Water  $.50 
Mashed potatoes $.50  100% Fruit juice 4 oz  $.50
Rice  $.50  Bread/Roll  $.35 
Hash Brown  $.50     
Noodles  $.50     
Yogurt 4 oz  $.75     


Salads are offered everyday.
Includes protein, grain, fruit and milk.          $2.25

Alternate Lunches

Alternate lunches are offered every day.
Deli sandwiches
Toasted cheese sandwich w/soup
Vegetable, fruit & cheese platter w/crackers
All alternate lunches include fruit and milk.    $2.25

A la Carte Snacks (offered daily) $1.00
Baked chips
Whole wheat cookies
Ice cream 
Fresh Fruit $.50