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Our goal is to use this website as a communication tool to keep parents, students, staff, and community members informed about the happenings at GCS. We hope that you find this site informative and easy to navigate. There is some great information located within this site, so please feel free to surf around. Also, please feel free to contact me  with questions, comments or concerns. All of us at GCS look forward to working with you to create the best possible educational environment for your children!



                          SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN

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Change in Lunch Menu for the following dates:
Monday, November 27:  Chicken Parm over Pasta
                                                       Assorted Veggie Cups
                                                       Assorted Fruit Cups
                                                       Milk Choice
                                  Alternate:    Bosco Sticks

Thursday, November 30:school Made Pasta  with meat                                                              Sauce or Marinara Sauce
                                                               Garlic Bread Stick
                                                               Steamed Carrots                                 
                                                               Assorted Veggie Cups
                                                               Assorted Fruit Cups
                                                               Milk Choice
                                       Alternate:    Chicken Nuggets