Dear School Community,

I hope this finds all well and having enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

As you know school bus transportation has been an ongoing issue this year. This coming week the district will be without at least a half-dozen regular drivers. Thanks to the work of All-Star Transportation / Student Transportation of America we expect the disruption to be minimal. 

As of today, the most significant impact to service is that the district can not run the Oliver Wolcott Tech bus on Monday. We expect to resume this bus service on Tuesday. 

Additionally, throughout the week, there will be numerous sub drivers on routes. Please be patient as routes may run late to and from school. 

I apologize for having to share this news, interrupt your holiday weekend, and for any inconveniences caused by transportation during the coming week. Please know that everyone is working hard to maintain normalcy despite new obstacles beyond our control. 

We will continue to adjust during the week as needed and more information will be provided should circumstances change. 

Best wishes for the balance of the weekend,